You want to donate to our association in order to help further its goals? Thank you!

Current goal

We wish to offer to pay for a developer of TeamNewPipe to start rewriting bigger parts of the app. We are currently investigating how much we need to achieve this goal.


We use the following means to receive donations:
  • Via direct debit towards our bank account. This way has the fewest additional charges, so we get the most from your donation!
    Account holder: NewPipe e.V.
    DE94 4306 0967 1308 7563 00
  • Via Liberapay,

Since you're a non-profit, can I get a donation receipt?

Due to our unique focus, we were not able to register the association as "beneficial to the public", which is a different concept from "non-profit" in Germany. Sadly, we do not get the same tax benefits as an association that "benefits the public" would.
Our legal status still prevents profits from being made through this association, though. We have to spend all the money we get towards its goals (and cannot, for example, pay ourselves a salary, sneakily buy stocks to make more money, or, heaven forbid, invest in cryptocurrencies).