Privacy policy

Data collection on this website

We do not collect any personal data of visitors of the NewPipe e.V. website. We do not install cookies on your system, and we do not track our users. Personal data such as the IP address are only processed for the purpose of serving the pages by our webserver software, and are deleted from the memory immediately after the page has been sent to the user.

Server logs

To have a minimum of control in scenarios where our website is abused, for example denial-of-service attacks, we configured our webserver to create a so-called acces log. This log file contains a list of all requests made to this server, each request in a separate line.
The logged lines contain the following information:

  • the IP address that was used to make the request
  • a timestamp
  • the URL
  • the HTTP status code
  • the user agent the user‘s browser sends automatically
We need to keep logs of the IP addresses sending requests to our server. As IP addresses are considered personal data and we respect the privacy of our users, we only keep enough of the IP address to be able to able to react to abuse (e.g., DoS and other attacks).
We calculate prefixes of the IP addresses to anonymize them as follows:
  • For IPv4 addresses, we remove the last two bytes to anonymize them. For example, an IP address such as
    would be logged as
  • For IPv6 addresses, we remove all bytes but the first two. For example, an IP address such as
    would be logged as
We can not identify users from combinations of the other data. Therefore, we consider our log anonymized.