Join our association!

Members of the association get voting rights in the plenum meetings, and bragging rights among their friends (or foes).

Please read through our About page to learn more. Also, read our statute linked there to make sure we are a good fit for your patronage.

Every natural person can become a member! If you are underage, we need confirmation from your legal guardians. The regular fee is 24 EUR per year, while the reduced fee is 12 EUR. Individual-specific member fees can be requested.

Every other entity can become a supporting member. Supporting members pay a yearly fee of 120 EUR, do not get active or passive suffrage, and have to appoint a natural person to act on their behalf.

To join the association, please fill out this signup form. If you choose the SEPA mandate, fill the second page of that document out as well, and then mail the form to the board. We hope to have you with us!