1st plenum, 2nd board meeting


Today we had our second board and the first plenum meeting. The full protocol can be found here and here.

In the board meeting, the conversion from donation currency was discussed. This was changed from allowing all currencies supported by liberapay to just EUR to make fees more transparent. Also it was decided to setup a temporary e-mail as well as website. The decision about pseudonyms was ratified. This also meant a change in privacy policy which needs to be acknowledged by the plenum.

In the plenum a topic about releasing protocols quicker was discussed. Then the results of a poll about potential logos were presented, and the decision made to make a new hybrid from the highest voted logo and see how the members like that approach. The privacy policy change and pseudonyms were presented. And a vote to offer allowing to use the NewPipe e.V. server to deploy NewPipe's website was done, as well as starting the legal work on offering someone to work on the rewrite